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My Haunted Housewarming

Bats and an Old Home


There I was sitting at the conference table in a real estate closing, my hands trembling in excitement as I signed my life away. This house purchase was special.

It was the Lakehouse. My childhood home. Now I know it sounds kind of selfish in one way and most people grow up and move on and don’t ever think about their childhood home again, but I’d always dreamed of going back there one day. The Lakehouse was packed full of memories!

Every harvest season, we had a town get together and the Lakehouse was the perfect spot for it. Friends, family and town folk would bring a covered dish, along with what they harvested from their crops and swapped. They’d bring their boats decorated in lights and we’d have a Halloween Boat Parade in full costume, and sample everyone’s cooking. But then grandmom had passed and ordered in her will that the Lakehouse be sold. I was too young at the time to do anything about it, and there the 100-year-old house stood on top of the hill surrounded by rock and lake. It had been boarded up to help protect against vandalism and oddly enough, no one ever bought the place nor trespassed.

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