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True Story True Story

True Story is an extraordinary publication that gets its inspiration from the hearts and minds of women, and it reads like a woman’s diary. Each issue of the magazine is an emotional journey filled with testaments of the ups and downs that every woman experiences. The articles touch on those things in life that a woman holds close to her heart, such as love, loss, family, and friendship. Since it was first published in 1919, True Story has been a survival guide for any woman that wants to feel like she’s not alone in her trials and tribulations. The magazine gives voice to ordinary women and reflects her role in an ever-changing society.

True Confessions True Confessions

True Confessions, established in 1922, is a women’s magazine featuring true-to-life stories about working class women and their families. The stories are in first-person and generally deal with family problems, relationship issues, romances, single moms, abuse, and any other realistic issue women face in our society. Whether they are true or barely believable, these stories will definitely evoke some sort of emotion, be it happiness or sadness, and in the end there’ll almost always be a lesson learned!