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True Story & True Confessions

True Story and True Confessions have long been considered vanguards of popular women’s magazines that dealt with slices of women’s reality including the dark side of life, divorce, family problems, and problematic relationships, but always maintained that touch of hope in each story. They are extraordinary publications that get their inspiration from the hearts and minds of women, and both read like a woman’s diary. Each issue of the magazines is an emotional journey filled with testaments of the ups and downs that every woman experiences. Since they were first published, True Story in 1919 and True Confessions in 1922, both titles have been survival guides for any woman that wants to feel like she’s not alone in her trials and tribulations. The magazines give voices to ordinary women and reflect their roles in an ever-changing society.

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True Renditions

True Story and True Confessions magazines continue their classic tradition under the ownership of True Renditions, LLC, which understands how much their readers enjoy the Trues magazines and are dedicated to continue publishing the beloved titles once a month with very little changes to the original format.